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    Concept Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa was born in 2024 BS in Tapting-1, Chyangba Solukhumbu district. He was the youngest child among ten of Mr. Yokpu Sherpa and Mrs. Chhenji Sherpa. He moved to Kathmandu when he was 16 with dream of bright future. His life in Kathmandu was very difficult earlier. He struggled very hard […]

    Wongchhu Biswo darhsan primary School in Chyangba of Tapting VDC in Solukhumbu is the first school in the area which was established in 1989 AD with the aim to provide better education facilities . This school was established under the financial assistance of tourism entrepreneur and social worker Wongchhu Sherpa. The school is being run […]

    As we all are well known that Nepal is known for its beautiful Himalayan Mountains, deep valleys and richly flowing streams. But many of its water sources are not only far; they’re also difficult and dangerous to access in the mountainous terrain. Clean water projects can improve access to clean, safe drinking water, shortening time […]

    Chyangba village is located 400 kilometers north of Kathmandu at an elevation of 2,500 meters. There are about 150 houses inhabited by many ethnic groups such as Sherpa, Rai, Magar, Newar, Tamang, Chhetris, Brahmins, Viswakarma, Sunuwar, etc. The village does not lie on the mountain trekker’s trail, so, development here has been slow. But much […]

    Chyangba electricity project was established since 1997 AD and it was founded by late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa. During that time only 75 houses were using the electricity because the population was very low. But now, the population has drastically changed. So, under the Financial support of our American supporters—”Education Elevation, Dave Carter and Pem Dorjee […]

    There are many private houses which have been totally destroyed after the huge devastating earthquake. The houses were not safe to live in. All the people as well as animals were forced to live in temporary house (tent) which has been provided by Himalayan Yokpu foundation under the support of donors. They are safe in […]

    Background Wongchhu Sherpa was born in 1967 AD, in Tapting-1, Chyangba, Solukhumbu district. He was the youngest of 10 children of Mr. Yokpu Sherpa and Chhenji Sherpa. Wongchhu moved to Kathmandu when he was 16 years old with a dream of a bright future.However, his life in Kathmandu was at first very difficult. As a […]