• D.A.O Regd No: 281/2071
  • S.W.C. Regd No: 41390
  • PAN No: 603185067
  • Objectives

    – To conduct various awareness campaigns, income generating activities and educational programs to uplift the living standards of the people of the Himalayan region.

    – To carry out various programs and health camps to improve the health standards of Nepali people.

    – To organize various training, researches, educational and recreational programs to develop human resource and tolls.

    –  To launch creative programs including skill development training, literacy programs and public awareness campaigns.

    –  To build and renovate social entities including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, health centers, health posts, health camps along with rural roads, temples, monasteries and other public places.

    –  To help secure economic, social, physical, educational and intellectual development of women, children, Dalits, nationalities and people from marginalized communities by ensuring their equal participation and access in every sphere of life.

    –  To work in collaboration with governmental and non governmental entities for economic, social and political development of the people of Himalayan region by reviewing the existing legislation and forming new legislation if needed.

    –   To work in prevention and control of HIV Aids and other contagious diseases along with women’s reproductive health rights.

    –  To work for management of environmental and natural resources and ensure equal access through proper distribution.

    –  To carry out various programs in order to ensure women and children’s access to education.

    –  To carry out various studies and researches along with organizing and participating in various national and international workshops, seminars and expos.

    –  To establish community radio and publish newspaper/magazine/publications to increase people’s access to information for community and social cause after acquiring license from authorities concerned.

    – To start insurance and other necessary financial schemes for social security of the members of the foundation.