• D.A.O Regd No: 281/2071
  • S.W.C. Regd No: 41390
  • PAN No: 603185067
  • Rebuilding Project 

    There are many private houses which have been totally destroyed after the huge devastating earthquake. The houses were not safe to live in. All the people as well as animals were forced to live in temporary house (tent) which has been provided by Himalayan Yokpu foundation under the support of donors. They are safe in the tent but not so much comfortable as house. We started our rebuilding project of all the houses which has been totally damaged.  We rebuild 10 houses. Now the houses are rebuild and people started living in their new rebuild house.  It’s all been possible due to our donors.  We would like to express our huge gratitude to our entire group of Education Elavated and Rotary Club for helping Nepalese in the time of need through the coordination of Himalayan Yokpu Foundation. We would never forget you contribution.