• D.A.O Regd No: 281/2071
  • S.W.C. Regd No: 41390
  • PAN No: 603185067
  • Relief Material Distribution Program

    Nepal faced such a huge heart shaking earthquake in April 2015. Many public properties, houses, heritage site, schools were damaged and also took the life of many innocent people as well as animals. After such a disasters many people were forced to live there life in open sky without any food, clothes and shelter. Among many villages Chyangba also faced the same problem. The school where children used to go and gain knowledge was fully damaged due to earthquake. Students were far from their studies for many months and villagers were forced to live in open sky. But with the help of our foreign donors we are able to distribute a relief material in the village.

    The donors who help us  in such a difficult situation are  David Carter – Nepal Relief Fund,  Education Elavated,  Peter schmieding – Tsering Fund, Tommy Gustafsson and  Pem Dorjee Sherpa. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. And under the coordination of Himalayan Yokpu Foundation we are able to set the program of relief material distribution. We distributed rice for 120 houses, tin roof for 30 houses, temporary shelter (tent) for the people who last their houses. We also distributed pillow, bed sheet, blanket, plastic cover (Tapling), oil, and salt, Jacket, to the villagers who are really in need of it. Heartly wanna say thank you for all donors for this unconditional love and support.