• D.A.O Regd No: 281/2071
  • S.W.C. Regd No: 41390
  • PAN No: 603185067
  • Wongchhu Micro Hydro Project

    Chyangba electricity project was established since 1997 AD and it was founded by late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa. During that time only 75 houses were using the electricity because the population was very low. But now, the population has drastically changed. So, under the Financial support of our American supporters—”Education Elevation, Dave Carter and Pem Dorjee Sherpa” we have increased the voltage of electricity and we are able to provide electricity in 120 houses.

    The electricity has changed the life of villagers and made them easier, comfortable for 24 hours. Electricity has helped in many ways , Now, they can use computer in school and gain extra knowledge from it and teacher also can enter their administration record in computer. Its means a lot to see such a huge change and to see happiness in everyone eyes.