• D.A.O Regd No: 281/2071
  • S.W.C. Regd No: 41390
  • PAN No: 603185067
  • Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Project

    Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa was born in 2024 BS in Tapting-1, Chyangba Solukhumbu district. He was the youngest child among ten of Mr. Yokpu Sherpa and Mrs. Chhenji Sherpa. He moved to Kathmandu when he was 16 with dream of bright future. His life in Kathmandu was very difficult earlier. He struggled very hard in the field of tourism more over decade as cook, trekking guide and climber. He scaled Mt. Everest twice and dozens of other mountains. He was actively involved to promote tourism in the Himalaya. He traveled many countries. He was established as successful tourism entrepreneur. Wongchhu Sherpa was chairman of Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd.

    Beside this, he was equally involved in social work and politics as well for the betterment of home village and entire the nation. He was the founder president of Everest Summiteers Association Nepal and spent two tenures successfully. He has established Wongchu Biswa Darshan School, Wongchu Hydro-power project, Water project and many more. In his leadership Everest Summiteers Association Nepal collected 15 tons garbage from Mt. Everest handed over to the government of Nepal and provided logistic support and arranged cabinet meeting in world’s highest elevation Kalapathar .

    He was honored by many awards like Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Suprabal and other dozens of ward by government of Nepal for his effort and dedications for the promotion of tourism in Nepal. He suffered from colonel cancer and struggle for last two years. Social worker Wongchhu Sherpa was honored with award of “Sagarmatha Conservationist” while he was in hospital by the government of Nepal. He passed away in 30 December 2015.

    Wongchhu has proposed his vision of establishing well equipped hospital in his home village to his friends of Wilderness Medical Society (WMS), Stanford University, Everest ER & Musa Masala. Himalayan Yokpu Foundation is dedicated to make his dream a reality. Hence, this project proposal has been prepared.

    Himalayan Yokpu Foundation has aimed to establish hospital in Solududhkunda Municapilty -Khamding, word-10. The Foundation has targeted to provide health service for people of Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga and Ramechap districts. People of this rural area doesn’t have good facility of health service, so the life is very complicated. Therefore, local people will take advantages of good health service if we (Himalayan Yokpu Foundation) could establish and operate this hospital. For the establishment and operation of hospital, following action plans are prepared as under the criteria and requirements applied by Nepal government.

    According to the health institute establishment and upgrade criteria directory 2070, association is committed to fulfill all the legal procedures along with action plan. This project proposal has been prepared to establish and to run hospital in cooperation with the donor agencies.

    With the motive of providing health services in rural area and to fulfill the dreams of Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa, Himalayan Yokpu Foundation focused to establish well equipped Hospital at Khamding-3 Solukhumbu district. For this, Himalayan Yokpu Foundation has already received license and permission from the district health office Phaplu, Solukhumbu. Likewise, executive committee meeting has approved to buy land for hospital.

    1. To provide quality medical care in the community
    2. To decrease travel time for patients and their family
    3. To minimize the untimely death of patients and pregnant women
    4. To improve the life style of villagers
    5. To create healthy society for the overall development of nation

    The services of this hospital:
    All the services will be provided as per the directories of institution establishment, management and operation criteria. The hospital will have capacity of 15 beds, pharmacy service, hostel for doctors, ambulance service and all other basic facilities.

    After the establishment of this hospital, around 30,000 peoples of community will be benefited.

    Immediate Needs:
    Recently house for office, land, skilled manpower, semi-skilled manpower has been managed for hospital establishment and operation process. Two main building will be completed within two years and will be operated. Manpower has been contracted. Himalayan Yokpu Foundation will provide salary and allowances for the contracted manpower as per the existing rules and regulation.

    Economic liability and plan:
    Currently association has collected economic source from Wilderness Medical Society and Everest ER and has been being mobilized in order. For long-term operation of this institute/hospital, donor agencies have committed to provide necessary equipment and technical helps. We have appealed for help to different bodies and donor agencies for operation of this hospital.
    Likewise, well recognized trekking agency Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd & Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) will collect fund for the hospital through selling the different trekking packages like; Everest Expedition, Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Panaroma & WSMH trek & Pikey Trek packages and also by selling outdoor gear of Nirvana brand like Down Jacket, Fleece, Buffs, bags…..  Musa Masala- A mountain girl of Himalayas books, Musa shirts,Buffs, Bandanas, bags and so on.

    Estimated Budget for the Project:
    For the establishment of hospital and its administrative expenses, we have prepared budget of Rs. 120,000,000 (1.2 Million USD Dollars). Total cost required for the construction of hospital has been prepared by the team of technician.

    5 years plan:
    Targeted to complete hospital building within two years and all other necessary physical construction will be completed and provide service in 5 years.
    To run the hospital and for upgrading its services, we have received commitments from below donor agencies up to 10 years in cooperation with the donor agencies.

    Donor Agencies:
    1. Currently, Wilderness Medical Society, Everest ER & Musa Masala are the donor agencies
    2. Association will collect fund and run hospital in coordination with different donor agencies.

    Service fee:
    For continuous operation of this hospital and for long-term operation, institute will charge certain fees from patient for OPD admit or as a service fee as per the local existing health law. Those collected fees definitely help to operate hospital. Medicine price and other fees are not determined. Currently we have planned to provide free service.

    10 Years plan:
    Institution will search different sources to continue hospital. Currently, the hospital will be operated by the help of donor agencies. We have targeted to operate hospital continue and effectively up to 10 years. In accordance to this, various internal and external preparations have been done.

    Project proposal have been prepared and submitted to different donor agencies requesting fund for its long-term operation. We have received positive response & commitment from the donor agencies for its establishment and operation.

    The hospital building will be well equipped and there will be hostel for the doctors as well. The hospital will have following amenities:

    1. Nine modern buildings, having all the basic facilities such like; restrooms, drinking water and so on.
    2. The major service will be maternity, general operation, X-Ray and Video X-Ray
    3. In hospital area there will be nice garden.
    4. Statue of Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa will be in central part of hospital.
    5. There will be library and museum about Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa.

    Ownership Transfer Policy:
    We have planned to operate hospital in accordance with the existing nation’s rules & regulation by collecting funds in cooperation with the donor agencies. Donor Agency and Association will transfer ownership of hospital to the Nepal government through different initiatives after certain time period.

    We, Himalayan Yokpu Foundation are dedicated to establish hospital in home village of Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa. All the planning and cost estimation for the hospital project has been processed smoothly. Thousands of rural people will entertain the health service if we could establish hospital. Eventually it helps to create healthy and prosperous society. We urge you all to join on this campaign. Your contribution can make different. We kindly request you all to donate generously to achieve our goal. We expect your invaluable help and support from local people, political parties and all the concerned bodies.

    Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Project Team

    *Thank You*