• D.A.O Regd No: 281/2071
  • S.W.C. Regd No: 41390
  • PAN No: 603185067
  • Wongchhu Sherpa Trust Girls Hostel Project


    Wongchhu Sherpa was born in 1967 AD, in Tapting-1, Chyangba, Solukhumbu district. He was the youngest of 10 children of Mr. Yokpu Sherpa and Chhenji Sherpa. Wongchhu moved to Kathmandu when he was 16 years old with a dream of a bright future.However, his life in Kathmandu was at first very difficult. As a teen and young man, he worked hard in the field of tourism a cook, trekking guide, and climber.He was ambitious and scaled dozens of mountains, including Mt. Everest twice. Through long hours, dedication, and his own efforts, he became actively involve running two successful businesses, Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd and Peak Promotion Trading, and promoting tourism in the Himalaya. He traveled to many countries, where he was able to speak about Nepal and invite trekkers, climbers, and tourists. Wongchhu Sherpa was a very accomplished entrepreneur who introduced many people to Nepal.

    In Nepal, he was involved in social work and politics, all for the betterment of his home village and entire nation. He was the founder and president of the Everest Summiteers Association Nepal (ESAN) and completed two tenures as its leader. He established the Wongchhu Biswadarshan School, Wongchhu Hydro-power project, a water project to serve the area of his home village, and many more projects. Guided by his leadership, the ESAN collected and removed 15 tons of garbage from Mt. Everest. Wongchhu provided logistics support and arranged a government cabinet meeting near the world’s highest elevation at Kalapathar.

    For all of his efforts, Wongchhu was honored in Nepal with many awards, such as the Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Suprabal. Unfortunately,He suffered from colon cancer at an early age. He struggled with this for two years before it took his life. While in the hospital, he was honored with the award of “Sagarmatha Conservationist” from the government of Nepal. Wongchhu Sherpa died on 30 December 2015. He is remembered by his family and friends as a great man who did as much as he could for his home and country.

    This Himalayan Yokpu Foundation is legally registered in the Kathmandu District Administration office in accordance with the company act 2034. As per the bylaws of the organization, it has provision to create new entities. Thus, the Wongchhu Sherpa Trust has been established.

    Due to the devastating Nepal earthquake of 25 April 2015 and the aftershocks that followed, there was widespread loss of human lives and property destruction. Schools and other public buildings and historical structures (monasteries, stupas, temples and other cultural heritage sites)were demolished. The damage has created uncertain futures for many students, because many schools have not been reconstructed.

    Wongchhu always supported aneducated society in Nepal. He wished to provide better education for the children of his home town, so he established a school in his village on his own expense. This was typical of his love for Nepal and his generosity. We are committed to completing as much of his unfulfilled dream as possible, by providing quality education to the poor, disabled, or otherwise helpless, and others who don’t have access to a good school. Therefore, we wish to creating a suitable educational environment for children in his home village. To this end, we have prepared this project proposal to establish a girls’ hostel at the Wongchhu Bishwa Darshan School.

    With Wongchhu and our vision of an educated society made better by educating young girls, we propose to create and maintain a physical structure to support a modern education system, practical education, and a safe environment. This will be a clean drinking water facility with toilets within a peaceful and scenic physical environment. It is to be a place where all children could have access to good education.

    Objective of the project
    The project has two main objectives:

    General objective
    Girls, who do not have the same education opportunities as boys, will be given first priority for access to the school.

    Specific Objective
    Offering girls basic education is one sure way to give them more chances to make genuine choices about the kinds of lives they wish to lead and to help them economically. Our association has set a goal to establish a girls’ hostel and provide free education to the extent possible. This will hopefully minimize the rate of illiteracy, minimize poverty, and maximize long term educational opportunities.

    Some objectives of project are:
     To create a safe and sound environment for girls in school
     To provide paper and pencils, uniforms, lodging, and a food facility
     To enhance the education environment by developing an adequate physical infrastructure
     To develop modern a education system by providing computers, internet access, and a library
     To create a women-friendly environment with equal rights
     To increase the literacy rate of

    Focused group
    In this school, the majority of the students will belong to the Sherpa community. However, there will also be Magar, Tamang, and Dalit students. Among these, the disabled, poor and homeless girls will be given special attention.

    The essential criteria
    To be eligible for the girls’ hostel, each student must meet one or more of the following criteria:
    1. Dalit, poor, backward, disabled
    2. Age group of 5 to 7 years
    3. Geographically disadvantaged
    4. Orphan
    5. Unidentified parents

    The selected students will receive:
    a. Lodging and food, clothes, uniform, stationery, coaching class, tuition, medicines, and other basic needs
    b. Free education at the Wongchhu Biswadarshan School up to class five.